Building the Image Viewer

Reactivity Code-Along 1


This page is under construction and will be updated as the materials are posted online.

We are going to code together an initial prototype of the MET Art Image viewer as a building block for the rest of the workshop. Open the codealong-1/app.R script in RStudio to follow along and code with me.

High-Level Requirements

Our goal is to let the user view an artwork piece inside the app by displaying the image of the artwork using the image_url value inside the art_sub data frame for a given artwork. On top of the image display, here are additional requirements:

  • Display metadata alongside the image so the user can view details about the artwork.
  • Ability to filter choice of images by department
  • Let the user either approve the image for their virtual collection, or to reject the image and not have it displayed to them again.

While the workshop will continuously progress us to creating the production version of the application, this code-along will get us the basic functionality as a foundation for further development.

Development Strategy

  1. Assemble an input data set based on the (optional) department selected.
  2. Use a single art item to ensure the image and metadata display works correctly, while thinking about the dynamic nature later on.
  3. Create a workflow using a streamlined reactive (and observer) strategy to dynamically record user decision (like or reject) for an art piece, and update available art pieces based on these results.
  4. Display the user decisions in a small table below the art display.