Building Production-Quality Shiny Applications

Eric Nantz

Welcome to rstudio::conf(2022)!

Conference Logistics

  1. Identify the exits closes to you in case of emergency
  2. Gender neutral bathrooms located near National Harbor Rooms
  3. Lactation room located at Potomac Dressing Room
  4. A meditation room is available at National Harbor 9 (Open 8 AM - 5 PM).
  5. Please do not photograph anyone wearing red lanyards

Workshop Policies

  1. Please review the rstudio::conf Code of Conduct & COVID Policy that applies to all workshops.
    1. RStudio requires that you wear a mask that fully covers your mouth and nose at all times in all public spaces.
    2. We strongly recommend that you use a correctly fitted N95, KN95, or similar particulate filtering mask; we will have a limited supply available upon request.
  2. Issues can be addressed in following ways:
    1. In person: Contact any rstudio::conf staff member, identifiable by their staff t-shirt shirt, or visit the conference registration desk.
    2. By email: Send a message to conf@rstudio.com; event organizers will respond promptly.
    3. By phone: call 844—448—1212

Meet the Team!

Eric Nantz

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Your Turn

Introduce yourself to your neighbor(s)

What does production-quality mean to you?






About those post-its

  • Done with activity

  • I'd like help

Power-On (Setup)

Follow Setup Procedure to connect with the workshop resources:

  • RStudio Connect
  • RStudio Cloud
  • Account Integrations

The Beginning …

A New World

Many Users

High-Profile Situations

Part of a Critical Pipeline

The Journey Ahead

Production has more than one meaning for Shiny apps

The tooling & principles discussed in this workshop will guide you to the destination

The (Digital) MET Collection

  • Over 112,000 works across 17 collection departments
  • API access launched in 2018
  • Metadata associated with each piece
  • Augment with image-recognition APIs

Your Turn Exercise 0

Use the {shinyprod} package to deploy a simple Shiny app to RStudio Connect